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Rental Options

There are a variety of vehicle rental companies available throughout the island. Whether you wish to explore the island in a large family car or be more adventurous and travel by scooter or quad bike, Skopelos has an option for you.

There are also several boat hire companies available at the main ports on Skopelos and visitors can spend their days fishing or exploring the coastline at their leisure.

Check back soon for a full list of rental companies available to visitors of the island. In the meantime there are rental companies in Skopelos town, Neo Klima and Glossa which can be easily found by searching online.

Public Transport

For visitors who do not have a driver's licence or simply wish to take it easy and relax during their stay, there are many public transport options around Skopelos Island. There are regular buses that run throughout the island and serve passengers at the major beaches, population centres and ports. There are also specific tour busses which run to places of interest around the island and can also be hired for private groups.

There are also a great many taxi services available from all the ports and main population centres on the island. For a reasonable price visitors can be transported to and from the beautiful beaches, interesting historical sites and picturesque villages for which Skopelos island is so famous . Check back soon for a full list of bus timetables, tour companies and taxi firms available to visitors.

For more information about the available transport options on Skopelos Island, Please visit our friends at SkopelosWeb.GR

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