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From Luxury Hotels and Spa complexes to individual private residences, Skopelos has many accommodation options for the perfect holiday on our paradise island. 

Skopelos Town/ Stafylos

Visitors of Skopelos Island who wish to stay close to the main shopping and restaurant districts are able to choose from many fine hotels, apartments and individual residences when planning their visit.

Some of the advantages of staying in Skopelos Town (Chora) include being walking distance from our beautiful harbour which is lined with restaurants, cafes and shops. They will also be able to take advantage of the regular bus and boat tours of the island which leave from the main port area. Visitors will also benefit from being close to the vibrant nightlife, regular cultural events and all the other amenities one can expect from a small city.

For those who want to stay a little outside of town but still have quick access to its facilities, the area of Stafylos is the perfect location. Visitors can enjoy a wide selection of accomodation options, restaurants, cafes and easy access to two of the most beautiful beaches available on Skopelos Island (Stafylos Beach/ Velanio). Situated within a 5 minute drive from Skopelos Town, Stafylos offers peace and privacy along with the option of spending time in the bustling heart of Skopelos Island.

A full list of hotels, apartments and individual rental homes will soon be available on this website. Until then please click the links below to see what Skopelos Island can offer you during your visit.

Neo Klima (Elios)/ Paleo Klima

Neo Klima is a relatively new village on the West coast of Skopelos Island. It is a welcoming community and that enjoys some of the most beautiful views available on the island.

With hotel, apartments and individual residence options available, visitors will enjoy expansive sea views, cafes, restaurants and several large beaches.  The village bordered by majestic forest covered mountains for you to explore, with many paths accessed from the village. Neo Klima is a great option for small families or individuals looking for a peaceful island experience. For more information on Neo Klima please visit the official website

Paleo Klima (Old Klima) is situated nearby Neo Klima and offers spectacular sea views. As traditional old village, it has limited amenities but its location between Neo Klima and Glossa means that visitors are able to take short trips by car to gather supplies during their stay. With several apartment and individual residence rental options available, visitors can enjoy this traditional greek island village in a way that suites their needs. 

Glossa/ Loutraki

The village of Glossa is situated in the northwestern part of the island above the port of Loutraki. At an elevation of 200m above sea level, visitors can expect to enjoy incredible sea views overlooking our neighbouring islands of Skiathos and Evia.

Glossa has many accommodation options for visitors as well as local shops, cultural sites and fine dining establishments. With regular music and dance events, religious observances and festivities, Glossa is the perfect location for those seeking a peaceful yet enriching experience whilst visiting Skopelos.

Loutraki serves as one of the two main ports of Skopelos. With a selection of hotels, apartments and rental homes available, visitors will be able to find the right accommodation to suit their needs. Loutraki offers many cafes, restaurants and bars to enjoy as well as beautiful beaches alongside the picturesque harbour. Loutraki is also home to several historical sites for visitors to explore during their visit. 

Please check our website regularly for updates and our upcoming full database of available accomodation on the island. In the mean time click the links below to find your perfect holiday location on Skopelos Island.

Other Areas

Apart from the 3 main population centres of Skopelos Island, there are many other small communities or individual properties that visitor may find appealing. For example, Panormous with it's beautiful natural cove, large beach and clear blue waters, hosts many restaurants, bars, rental apartments and high quality hotels . Located on the South Western side of the island, Panormous is a great option for those looking for a relaxing break on the beach,

For a more secluded seaside location, visitors might consider choosing to stay at the port community of Agnondas. Offering restaurants and cafes as well as a beautiful little harbour and beach. this small community has much to offer visitors looking for quiet and privacy during their stay. Within a short drive of Skopelos Town, Stafylos Beach and the beautiful mountain roads that wind throughout the island, Agnondas is a great central location for visitors to use as their base.

There are a great number of other options for visitors to explore throughout the island. From mountainside villas with majestic sea views, to hidden cottages amongst the forests and valleys for you to relax and enjoy your privacy, Skopelos has something to offer for everyone.

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