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Natural Areas


Skopelos island offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Whether our visitors are looking for natural beauty, hidden coves or relaxing beach bars, we have something to suit all tastes and requirements.

Many of our beaches are on a regular bus route that runs the length of the island so visitors can relax and take their time without worrying about driving. Beaches such as Panormous, Milia, Kastani, Agnontas, Limnonari and Stafylos offer nearby restaurants, cafes or beach bars for visitor who want refreshments between sunbathing and swimming. 

We also enjoy a large number of natural beaches and coves (some easier to access to others) such as Spilia, Armenopetra or Amarantos which provide beautiful surrounding and plenty to explore for our more adventurous visitors.

Most of our major population centres are ajecent or very close to some of our most popular beaches. For example, visitors of Neo Klima are always within walking distance of Hovolo and Ammos beach, while those staying in Skopelos Chora are a short drive away from Stafylos, Glisteri and Glifoneri. 

Check out the videos below for some spectacular views of some of our most popular beaches.


Skopelos Island is often known as the 'greenest island in Greece' due to its expansive fir tree forests. Most of the island's mountainous regions are covered in thick forest which our visitors may enjoy exploring. 

There are numerous trails or 'goat paths' throughout the island and our more adventurous visitors will be rewarded with panoramic views of the aegean sea from beneath the shade of the majestic fir trees.

Hiking Trails/ Paths

As mentioned above, Skopelos Island has many traditional pathways, hiking trails and 'goat paths' throughout the island that visitors are welcome to explore. Some of them are fairly well hidden but well worth the small effort it takes to locate them. 

There are several organisations which run regular tours of these pathways, some of which include voluntary path clearing schemes in which visitors can help reclaim and maintain the traditional pathways of Skopelos Island. More information will soon be available on this page so check back regularly and be sure to follow us on social media by using the links at the bottom of this page. 


Our two tallest mountains, Delphi and Palouki, dominate the skyline of most of the island. Delphi, the tallest of the pair, stand at 681m above sea level and it's summit can be accessed on foot. Those who make the effort to hike to it's peak will be rewarded with incredible 360 degree views of the island and surrounding open sea.

There is also a small observatory near the summit of Mount Delphi for those interested in stargazing during their stay. Visitors can also hike the paths of Mount Karya which offers equally beautiful views of Alonnisos and the Aegean open sea, as well as the  fascinating archeological site of Sendoukia (Sedoukia).  More information about this area can be found below.

Places of Interest

Religious Sites

The multitude of churches, chapels and monasteries that have been built on the island stand as a testament to the deeply religious heritage and the faith of its residents. In the main town (Chora) alone, there are 123 churches and small chapels, several of which are situated on private land.  There are also 15 monasteries in the outlying areas of the town and over 40 on the island as a whole. Throughout the island it is said that there is a total of 360 ​​churches, chapels and other religious buildings. Local folklore records that if the bells of Skopelos are rung while the south wind blows, the sound will reach the monastery of Mount Athos and vice versa if the north wind blows.

Outside the city is the church of Agios Riginos, patron saint of Skopelos. According to an inscription in the church, it was built in 1728, probably on the ruins of an older Byzantine monastery.  In the courtyard of the church there is the sarcophagus of the Saint, the first bishop of the island, who was martyred in the 4th century AD. 

Arguably the most famous church on the island is that of Saint John at the Castle (Agios Ioannis Sto Kastri) also known as the 'Mamma Mia Chapel'. After featuring in the hit hollywood musical and feature film 'Mamma Mia', starring Meryl Streep, this beautiful remote chapel has enjoyed unprecedented international attention. While the church featured in the film was heavily altered, the exterior shots of the film took advantage of the mystical natural beauty of our island. For more information about Agios Ioannis church and how to get there during your next visit to Skopelos, please check out the video below.

Historical Sites

Skopelos Island has enjoyed a long and storied history which has left its mark throughout our villages and countryside. There are ruins and archeological sites dating from the ancient and classical period in many of our villages and the influence of the byzantine era can still be seen in the architecture of our religious buildings.  

Among the most famous of our ancient sites are the remains of Roman baths at Loutraki, the grave site of King Stafylos and the ruined acropolis in the hills behind Panormous. But perhaps the most dramatic archeological site available to visitors are the mysterious rock cut graves at Sendoukia on Mount Karya. With incredible views across the island and out to sea, these ancients tombs have captured the imaginations of countless visitors to our beautiful island. For more information about the graves and their location, please watch the video below.

Aside from our many churches, temples and monasteries, visitors are able to visit and enjoy other fascinating sights from our long history. The remains of the Venetian castle in Skopelos Town (Chora) is a popular location for visitors and offers beautiful views of the harbour and town. Equally, the Episkope (also from the Venetian period) offers a fascinating insight into life on Skopelos during the 16th century.

There are many other historical sites around the island that visitors may wish to enjoy and more information regarding their locations will soon be added to this website. For updates make sure to check back regularly and follow us on social media by navigating to the bottom of this page. In the meantime, further information can be found at

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