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Travel By Sea

Skopelos has two ferry ports in Loutraki near Glossa and the main town of Skopelos (Chora). There is also a back-up port at Agnondas which is used on days when the sea is too rough to safely dock at Loutraki or Chora. You will usually be notified about this eventuality on the day of your departure.

Skopelos is 60 nm (Nautical Miles) from Volos , 61 nm from the port of Agios Konstantinos*, 45 nm from Kimi* (Evia), 24 nm from Mantoudi* (Evia) (*serving as departure point for visitors coming from Athens) and 120 nm from Thessaloniki. 

To book your tickets from any of these ports please follow the links below.

Visitors arriving by aircraft to Skaithos Airport (JSI) can also board a ferry at the main port of Skiathos using one of these companies. There is also a sea taxi available from the port of Skiathos and information regarding prices and scheduling can be found by clicking the image below:

Travel By Air

If you are traveling to Skopelos from overseas, you have several air travel options available to you. The closest international airport to Skopelos is situated on our neighbouring island of Skiathos. Click below for more information:

On arrival at The Skiathos State Airport (JSI) visitors will need to take the short taxi ride to Skiathos port and board a ferry or sea taxi to travel to Skopelos Island (see above for ferry and sea taxi options). 

Visitors from abroad may choose to come via Athens, Volos or Thessaloniki by air and then either by plane to Skiathos (and then Skopelos by ferry) or by making other transport arrangements . If you require any further help in planning your trip to Skopelos please visit the Contact Us area of this website by clicking below:


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